I am a writer, certified Pilates instructor, and Ki-Hara Master Trainer. My professional credentials include:

Writing: My poetry collection, Herculaneum’s Fortune, is available on Amazon.com. Primarily I write poetry and fiction, though I do have non-fiction (development and content) projects in manuscript, website, workshop curriculum, training, and collateral materials (in the areas of Leadership, Strengths, and Health.) MFA from Rosemont College.

Pilates: Over 15 years of experience. Original certification through the Physical Mind Institute. Audited two additional training programs, continuing education in (osteoporosis, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports performance) and experience in curriculum development and training certifying instructors.

Ki-Hara: certified Master Trainer through Innovative Body Solutions.

I moved in May of 2013 and have enjoyed the community at 3580 from day one. The space perfectly fits my needs. Clients love the modern touches and creative re-purposing of the building.