A friend once said “Every wedding needs a good stage manager.” It’s true that it takes a certain set of skills to get the lights up, calm the actors’ nerves, fix the last minute problems, and keep 100 paying audience members laughing, crying, and applauding on cue.

As a wedding and event planner with a background in stage management, my experiences really run the gamut. As the Marketing and Events Director for the alternative newspaper Philadelphia City Paper, I enjoyed planning everything from a citywide scavenger hunt for Cirque du Soleil to a craft fair of local artists to a cocktail party at 30th Street Station. As an independent wedding and event planner, I’ve planned full-service affairs and coordinated weddings at The Fairmount Horticulture Center, Power Plant Productions, The National Constitution Center, The Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Peche, Trust, The Chemical Heritage Foundation, Le Meridien, Greystone Hall, and The College of Physicians, as well as the woods of northern New Jersey, the idyllic town of New Hope, and the Pocono mountains.

If you are outside of the Philadelphia area, that won’t stop me!  I am willing to travel to any destination – whether you live there or you just want to get away.  I’ll go wherever my clients want and look forward to helping each couple or company find their unique entertaining style.

I am a proud alumnae of Dickinson College and member of Azuka Theatre Company’s Board of Directors. I earned a certificate in Wedding Consulting from Temple University and studied abroad at University College Cork, Ireland.